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Dear YuleGoat

Thank you for loving something I love. I hope the following doesn't scare you off with the bizarre juxtaposition of Russian lit, BDSM, and kid lit. Hopefully, what you can take from the juxtaposition is that my tastes are wide and varied, so I like many, many things, including what you can write for them.

Misery - Maroon5 (song video)

There is a UK censored version of this video, where the BDSM (and abusive?) elements are censored by giant cartoon hearts and teddy bears. It's weird. I'd adore if you'd address this weird, like, the pov of the censorship God, or the cartoons interacting with the real world, or something really meta.

I'd be cool with anything else as well. A story from/about the uncensored version, because to my mind they left Sane and Safe behind, but it might still be consensual. I see it as abusive, but you wouldn't have to; I'd be really interested in something which explains the bits I see as abuse to change my mind. Straight up porn? Outside pov? Backstory or futurefic? All good.

Bizarro-World Cartoon Censorship version


They did their best to have the cartoon additions *not make sense*, so that the underlying BDSM parts would come out, although the parts I read as abuse are pretty much overwritten. Pretty much, the cartoon censors make the abuse metaphorical and romantic, but the original doesn't let me believe this is still Safe or Sane, although it might be Consensual.

I like the BDSM version. It's complex and disturbed and (probably) dysfunctional, and as much as BDSM hits my kinks, I really don't mind when people address how it can fall into abusive. The censored version is just *weird*, and enough of the original remains that I was thinking it was BDSMish before I knew there was an uncensored version, while people in the same room as me just thought it was sweet.

If you want to go meta, and I don't know, narrate the censorship God, or have the world self-conscious (or just part) of all these cartoon things which interact with their relationship or something, that'd be awesome. If you want to just write a story or interaction which deals with either of the versions, that's good too. If you want to write some twisty-relationship-BDSM porn, that'd be pornalicious. If you want to write an outside POV (the God who censors things, or one of the man's friends, or the bystanders who randomly get flowered/teddybeared/stabbed) that'd be good.

A Hero of Our Time - Lermontov (Werner)

If you'd like to give Maxim or Werner (or Bela or Grushnitsky or the boy from Taman) their own story, because they only exist as characters through which Pechorin's stories are told, that'd be awesome. Saying Werner as my character is preference, but you don't have to stick to it. I'd rather have said Werner OR Maxim OR Bela, but obeying the rules of Yuletide if I'd listed multiples it would have given you a headache. Thematically I love the way this fits into expansionist Imperial Russia, and how Bela's culture is exoticised and therefore Pechorin's actions towards her are normal/culturally relevant/not crap. So Werner as a non!Russian pov is also interesting for that.

Werner/Pechorin, or Maxim/Pechorin, or Grushnitsky/Pechorin. I mean slash, because it would be so inequal, but just interaction would be cool. Or even something between Pechorin and Bela would be absolutely *awesome*.

I just wrote an essay on this novel, and I still like it a lot. Which is a strong compliment. It's only about 150 pages, and there is a translation available on Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/913

I love the style and form of this novel. Werner and Maxim are my favourite characters, although I don't mind Pechorin at all. I'd love to see Pechorin/someone slash, because I think any of the pairings be so weird and detached and unequal. Just an interaction between Pechorin and Maxim or Pechorin and Werner would be great. Bela's pov would be awesomely awesome, or her relationship with Maxim. If you'd like to write something which fits into the style of one of the stories, or something which is a completely different genre for the book, that'd be cool.

This book is awesomely layered up. It could have more stories in it. It could be slashed up. It could be a lesson in female empowerment from colonised cultures. Just saying. Awesome.

Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones (Millie)
I really, really love something dealing with Millie's past as Asheth. Something about Millie's background would be awesome. If you decide (like I have) that Millie being a character of colour is completely plausible, I'd love a story about how this is/isn't addressed within the world of 12A.

I'd prefer it not be how-Christopher-and-Millie-got-together story. If you want to go femslash, or gen, or future fic, or Millie/Asheth, or secret Christopher/Conrad and Christopher/Millie being a political marriage, I'd be all over that. I love transformation stories (gender, class, animals, whatever) and folklore and magic and Millie talking to people other than Christopher (Conrad, Tacroy, Janet, Gabriel, whatever).

Millie-as-Asheth is something I have written about before. I'm a little preoccupied by it. I think addressing Millie's background would be awesome.

I'm also interested in gender roles/class roles/general social structure and stratas as they might exist in Chrestomanci. If you want to have a transformation story - genderqueer, species change, body switch, inadvertent transformation - that'd be absolutely *awesome*. Like, Christopher could make a very annoying girl, while making sure no one knew he was in the least discomforted by anything, but Conrad would just shrug and spend his time making sure Christopher didn't freak out.

I also love folklore, Chrestomanci verse magic, secondary characters (Millie interacting with Tacroy = joy! About Tacroy/Christopher, while Millie and Christopher are married = even more joy!), Conrad and Millie having their own friendship and interactions which don't involve Christopher. Millie's relationship with Janet and Cat (and Julia and Roger). Millie as a foreigner/off worlder and her place in the 12A England's government. Millie's own magic, how her magic differs from the other magics we see up close (especially as how it differs from how her magic worked when she was Asheth?).

Millie is love.

I'd rather not have a het romance for Chrestomanci. A fic which has het in it is fine. Slash, femslash or gen is great. Especially femslash (Millie/Asheth, just, um, please?).

Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones (Luke)

I'd love something mythological. Where are the gods now since Ragnonak didn't go to schedule? Something in the near future of the book would be great. I love gods, I love religion, I adore this book... there are definitely a few stories I'd love in here.

Luke/David is good, though not necessary, and Alan/David (or Alan and David friendship) if you want to go that road. If you want to do dysfunctional Astrid/David, or Astrid/Luke, and were really hoping I'd ask, go for it. Or something about the rest of the gods, or the family? Something mythological? That's definitely cool. I am amused by images of David growing old and Luke pretending to, but then running off to use his walking stick in ingenious ways (old man crack!). Also of David assuming that at some point their friendship would turn sexual, and Luke being completely uninterested by the prospect (or the other way around). I think their dynamic has so much potential to be strange in new or weird ways.

General ways, I love the themes for all DWJ, so As Above works. I also requested 8DoL last year.

General Comments:
Any rating is good for any of the fandoms, the 'explicit' was hoping to weed someone out who was interested in the same upper limit. I'm cool with whatever rating you want to write.

I like everything fandom does. Apocalyses, AUs (canon-deviation, wings, detectives, ice skaters...), Meta, Zombies, Crossovers... Everything. If you don't know if I'm familiar with the crossover source, if it works without intimate knowledge I'm so fine with that.

I am not a fan of non consensual embarrassment. For those who don't want to read an essay on humiliation as kink, if it would fit into Ricky Gervaise, Eddie Murphy, The Office, Adam Sandler territory it terrifies me. This is a run out of the room traumatised squick for me. All kink, including consensual embarrassment, is okay. Non-con/dub-con sex is okay. Violence is okay. Death fic is okay.

If you write a happy/fluffy het romance I'd rather the romance part wasn't the *point*. I use romance as a genre, rather than meaning any story-which-has-het. It can end in happily together if you want, but I'd rather there was plot and secondary characters, especially if you write something most people think doesn't need to be explained (Millie/Christopher, Pechorin/Bela) because I usually think it does.

No other squicks.

Love Yeti

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random Yuletide stalker here to say thank you for requesting this video. I had no idea that other version existed, and it's bizarre and yet hilarious all at the same time! I can't wait to see what someone does with it for fic.


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