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Stargate: Atlantis
At The Hour At Which We Are Trembling, by [personal profile] frostfire (x SG1, John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson, NC-17, 4:35:00)
Experience, by [personal profile] resonant (John/Rodney, NC-17, 27:58)
Time-Keeping, by [personal profile] thingswithwings (John/Rodney, Rodney/Katie Brown, Katie Brown/OFC, PG, 4:00)

Doctor Who (and Torchwood)
Unsafe, Insane, Consensual, by [ profile] bagheera_san (Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, R, 14:37)
no sleepers must sleep, by [ profile] fahye (The Master/Lucy Saxon, R, 26:24)
Castaways, by [ profile] amy_wolf (Gen, Nine-fic, 1:48:15)
Think of Something, by [personal profile] lightgetsin (xTorchwood, Gen, Nine-fic, 31:51)
Five Times Rose, Jack, and the Doctor Took Their Clothes Off, by [personal profile] lightgetsin (Jack/Rose/Nine, Jack/Rose/Ten, NC-17, 9:05)

Angel the Series & Buffyverse
Les Cousins Dangereux, by [ profile] annakovsky (Dawn/Connor, quasi-incest, NC-17, 1:00:37)
A Letter from Screwtape, to Mr. Holland Manners, Esquire, by [ profile] honorh (x C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters, Gen, 10:24)

Dresden Files
Please Hang Up and Try Again, by [personal profile] bookshop and [personal profile] thehoyden (Harry Dresden/John Marcone, NC-17, 55:04).
Read as a prize for [personal profile] luzula for [community profile] amplificathon 2010.

Lord Peter Wimsey
A Wimsey of Ficlets, by [personal profile] sam_storyteller aka [personal profile] copperbadge. Seven ficlets, each under ten minutes. (Gen, Harriet/Peter, Peter/Charles, PG-13 max, 26:46)

Harry Potter
The Changeling, by [ profile] lydiabennet (Gen Fred-fic, 14:03)

SGA/Doctor Who: Hop, Skip, and a Jump, by [personal profile] nestra (Gen, 27:46)
Read as a prize for [personal profile] lunate8 as a prize for [community profile] amplificathon 2010

Good Omens/Black Books: That's Why They Call It A Gift, by [personal profile] sam_storyteller aka [personal profile] copperbadge (Aziraphael/Crowley, PG, 11:17)

Good Omens/Lord Peter Wimsey: Devil Took The Soldier Boy, by [personal profile] sam_storyteller aka [personal profile] copperbadge (Gen, 9:48)

SGA/Torchwood/Lord Peter Wimsey/Nero Wolfe/Sherlock Holmes/Discworld/Wodehouse: The Royal Society, by [personal profile] sam_storyteller aka [personal profile] copperbadge (Gen, 14:36)

[Will edit this for ridiculously useless stats, because they make me happy.]

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