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Because I picked up a pinch-hit (it's *lovely*, the requester has awesome vision), I'm posting a wish list in case anyone's loves overlap with mine and they're in a treating mood. Because Yuletide is the best time of the year.

General squicks:
Embarrassment squick, especially with deliberately 'mistaken' identities. Disability or mental illness treated without care (some able-ism and such is okay, hello reality, but ignorance makes me cringe). Trans* issues treated without care.

General loves:
Anything. Sex can be as kinky as you can think of, I'll read it all (and if you can porn in all of these fandoms, power to you). LGBTQ+ is awesome. Het is also awesome. Disability or mental illness treated with care = love. Deathfic is sad and I love it. AUs are my happy place. Character whumping (I can't see who, but hey, I can get on that). If fandom has thought of it, I have read (and loved) it.

Fandom 1:
Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones
Character: Asheth OR Millie Chant

I just really want to see something about Millie, or Asheth, or Millie as Asheth, or Asheth as someone else, or Millie and Christopher negotiating with Asheth when they're teenagers. She seems like a pretty savvy Goddess, and I'd love to see some more about her awesomeness. Millie did not just come by that level of awesome, well, she definitely could have, but I sort of love the idea of these things being too entangled to really separate properly. I *really* want to see Christopher negotiating with Asheth so he can keep Millie in his world (why does Conrad have to go back to live in Seven, but Millie doesn't have to live in Ten?). Anything about the worship and times and culture of Asheth's world would be great.

Millie is also fabulous, and I love her at all times.

...kinky Goddess sex? With all the extra arms. I have not wanted this to exist since 2006, no, of course not. I don't want to see kinky power dynamic sex between Christopher and Asheth (and Millie). I don't think that is the hottest idea ever. I definitely don't want Christopher to be tied with silver while Millie channels her inner Goddess. OMG, I WANT THIS SO BAD.

Fandom 2:
The Dalemark Quartet - Diana Wynne Jones
Character: Any

I really love how history is myth is present is future, and reality is all tangled in what a particular time thinks is possible. (The myths are real in Spellcoats, and then Tanaqui's story is recorded, and then a footnote historian has plucked it apart and concluded it is myth because the geography is wrong.) I'd just love anything else about the world which is handled in a similar way - history or people or stories becoming myth, or geologists getting at the myths and trying to figure out where the modern Dalemark might have magic deposits or something. My favourite character is probably Moril, but I adore all the various gods, and most of the cast of thousands.

Have you ever seen those farm recreation shows, where they go 'back in time' to Victorian or Tudor England and show us how people lived? One of those, in Dalemark, where modern archeologists and anthropologists are trying to recreate what they think happened in the past (and getting things a bit wrong). Or Time Team in Dalemark, digging up fields and trying to figure out the pottery and scraps of weaving. Historians/Theologians/Archeologists + Dalemark is *love*. Or the industrial revolution of Dalemark. Or the Renaissance.

Or Moril being lonely and musical, because I love him. Or anyone else being lonely, because Dalemark is full of lonely people getting on with things.

...that's two choices about gods and myths in Diana Wynne Jones... Better make it three.

Fandom 3:
Eight Days of Luke - Diana Wynne Jones
Character: Astrid Price, Thor

On my most recent re-read I got completely tickled with the idea of Astrid/Thor. I just love the idea of Astrid calling on Thor to give her advice about dealing with Luke sleeping in David's bed every night, or because she's sick of the English weather and needs more magic in her life. Or Thor just wandering along and taking her on outings to the river when her new life of responsibility and standing up for herself gets to be too stressful, and she wants to collapse into old habits. I'd love for Thor to get all protective of Astrid. I'd love for Astrid/Ronald to be a lesson in verbal and emotional domestic abuse (because that makes me sad) and Thor to think very bad thoughts about Ronald, and know exactly where on the run he is at all times. Just in case. Astrid in the aftermath of Ronald and the Prices would be great.

Or, you know, sex with Thor in a mini, while knowing that Luke and David are getting up to mischief and not caring, would be *hillarious*.

Fandom 4:
Scandal (TV)
Character: Huck

I love Huck. I love how broken he is. I love his families. I love how he uses AA meetings to try and push things down and be as normal as possible (and Becky ruined that). I love how the show handled his PTSD, and didn't default to 'fixing' things. I love Huck with Quinn, training her to be awesome and understand what he understands, but letting her make her own mistakes because he's the best murdering mentor ever. I love Huck/Becky (an AU where they run away together and do murder and mayhem forever and ever?). I would *love* to see Huck as a child or teenager, I don't know why, it just strikes me as exceptionally sad.

Pretty much, I have a literary kink for bodyguards, people who are violent for their jobs, and mental illness handled well. Huck is everything I love in one character. Give me MORE.

Fandom 5:
Characters: Stephen Fry, Prof. Brian Cox

I want their bromance (okay, Stephen's raging intellectual crush) to exist in more forms. I want Brian Cox to talk about the universe while Stephen has stars in his eyes. Pretty much the episodes of QI with Brian Cox is just Stephen trying to restrain himself from leaping over the table and stroking Brian's hair, wanting Brian to whisper the secrets of exploding stars in his ears.

I'm a nerd, but not a very good one. I'd love there to be huge astronomical metaphors or conversations, because that is why I love this idea, but I'm hardly going to know if it's right or just c&p from wikipedia. Flirting with stars! That is what they do! Brian Cox flirts with the entire universe (okay, audience), with his words, and his voice, and his soft hand gestures. Stephen Fry is smitten. Brian Cox being smitten back is lovely.


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