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Cover image made by [personal profile] general_jinjur from a cc-licensed image (marinacast on flickr)

Hop, Skip and a Jump
written by [personal profile] nestra
read for [personal profile] lunate8 as a prize for Amplificathon 2010
length: 27:46
Summary: "That doesn't make any sense," Rodney said, and he shook off John's cautionary hand on his arm. "You have to be a doctor of something, otherwise it's just a meaningless title."
mp3: archive entry
m4b: archive entry

A Doctor Who (Martha-era) and Stargate: Atlantis crossover, featuring awesomeness, the Doctor, Wraith, and witty banter. The awesome may or may not all be related to the Doctor. Also, I love crossovers were the reader knows the jokes, and the characters have no damn idea.
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Title: no sleepers must sleep
Author: [ profile] fahye
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Lucy Saxon/The Master
Summary: Valour is an old word, belonging more to the suits of armour that line the corridors of her parents' house than to Lucy's life of rhythmic prose and polished soundbites and new, dangerous secrets.
Length/Size: 26:25, 24.2 MB, mp3
Points: (5)+(1)+(5)+(3+5) = 19

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Reasons to listen: Fahye is a genius. Her prose is delightful, and hopefully I've done some justice to her style. Her Lucy is twisted and perfect and makes so much sense, which is a rather rare trait. Also, featuring the Boléro.

The sequel to this fic was posted two days ago, and can be found here: like a ruthless force
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Think Of Something by [ profile] lightgetsin aka E. E. Beck

Fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood
Pairing: Pre/Post/Time Paradoxal implied Jack/Nine
Summary: The first thing the Doctor does after the fall of Gallifrey is go insane for a while. The second thing he does is accidentally cross timelines with an old friend he hasn't met yet.
Rating: PG-13
Length: 31:51
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Rec: This fic has some of the most poignant imagery relating to the Doctor, Gallifrey, and the fall of such. Beach umbrellas and church mice and it all works perfectly. And then twists it around to show the other side, the climb out of mad!doctor.

Five Times Rose, Jack, and the Doctor Took Their Clothes Off by [ profile] lightgetsin aka E. E. Beck

Pairing: Rose/Jack/Nine, Rose/Jack/Ten
Summary: What it says on the tin.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 00:09:05

Rec: Very sweet, very cute, and just a little bit vicious when trying to pull Nine out of himself. Also, carnivourous mud.
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Cover image & podbook by [personal profile] cybel

Castaways, by [ profile] amy_wolf
Length: 1hr 48mins
Summary: Between the time war and Rose...

mp3: Archive Link (90MB)
m4b: Archive Link (50MB)

Reasons to listen:
1. A wonderful take on the Ninth Doctor's PTSD and reconstruction after the Time War. The exploration of newness, possibility, and definitions.

2. An excellent cast of actually original original characters, who manage to be true to culture, self, and a greater world than we directly see. Fantastic creation of a future Philippines, and Filipino characters.

3. "The base is crawling with enemy lizards?"
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